Donald Trump And The Defamation Case

donald trump

There are perhaps billions of charges pressed against him. In spite of that, former president Donald Trump is running for the 2024 presidency. Last month the Manhattan district attorneys pressed charges against him regarding hush money laundering. Someone from his administration has testified. He had an extramarital affair with that woman.

During the 2016 election, he used that money for buying votes and campaign. He used to silence people with huge amounts of cash.

He has rape charges against him. E Jean Carroll brought it against him.

In January he confessed he didn’t recognize her. Rather he got confused between her and his own wife. He never pleaded guilty to anything.

 Donald Trump Takes A Few Steps Back From Testifying

Whose fault is it now? Former president Donald Trump’s attorney failed to inform the court of any type of changes that might have been made in the strategy.

Therefore he will not be testifying in court against E Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit. The last date informed the court was 5th May. His attorneys failed.

Donald Trump was given a window by Judge Lewis Kaplan to testify and make his point loud and clear. He missed it successfully because of his lawyers.

Both Donald Trump and Jean Carroll used to work in a departmental store in the mid-90s. Where the unjust circumstances occurred. Rather done by Trump.

He tried to rape her in the store after working hours.

She brought charges against him. 

Donald Trump never confessed to anything he has done wrong. In this case, he has done the same.

When Jean Carroll filed charges against him, he testified in court saying she lied. She isn’t even his type to do something. She is doing all these to boost the sales of her books and some fame. She has no other motive whatsoever.