Donald Trump Defends Ginni Thomas After Testimony

Ginni Thomas
Ginni Thomas

Ginni Thomas was heaped praise for her strength and courage by Ex-President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, on Saturday, a few days after she met the investigating panel with her testimony of the rigged 2020 Presidential Election. She is married to Clarance Thomas, Supreme Court Justice. 

In the meeting with the Investigators, which lasted nearly five hours, she spoke of her marriage with Justice Clarance and she even disclosed that she had not spoken about her volunteer activities during the campaign.

Ginni Thomas: 2020 Election Rigged

Ginni Thomas caught the eyes of the committee which was investigating the attack on the Capitol, post the election result on the 6th of Jan. 2021. She did appear in that rally. In the ongoing probe her text message exchange with Mark Meadow, the then Chief of staff, about the rigged election results surfaced.

Ginni was much concerned about the irregularities and fraud during the election of 2020, her activity mainly was to ensure that the irregularities and fraud were investigated.

Donald Trump in Michigan, speaking highly of Ginni, told the campaign attendees, how brave she was that she did not buckle under pressure while facing the investigators and that she believed that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen.

During the time when Trump was the president, Ginni attempted to get her friends and acquaintance into the administration and was often seen with her husband attending private lunches with Melania Trump and Donald Trump.

Replying to the questions raised in connection with the Supreme Court ruling in Jan 6 case, she said clarifying that she never discussed with her husband, Clarence, legal challenges to the election of 2020. She and Medows repeatedly texted about repealing the results of the election.