Donald Trump Highlights Biden’s Absence After Visiting Ohio Railway Derailment

Donald Trump

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump visited the derailed train site and went ahead to criticize the administration of Joe Biden, the current President, and their ways of handling the rail disaster in Ohio, East Palestine that released toxic chemicals, 19 days ago.

His visit to the conservative region of the state belonging to the deep-red came with a presidential visit that Trump was trying to contrast with Biden who made a trip to a historic war area on Monday to the capital of Ukraine.

When he made his visit to Little Beaver Creek which is a tributary of the Ohio River situated near the site where the derailment took place, Donald Trump said that in his opinion it is terrible to see Biden has still not paid his visit to the 3rd February derailment site.

Donald Trump Addressed The Local Official

Trump stood at the derailment site and addressed a handful of local officials which includes Republican Sen assuring them that they are for sure not forgotten. Donald Trump made the Ohio trip after the GOP presidential election race of 2024 has been molding with the rivals of the party which has been on the go to take on Donald Trump. Criticism regarding Biden’s response has also come from other Republicans to Ohio’s derailment incident.

Nikki Haley, the former ambassador of the United Nations said on Tuesday at lowa at a campaign stop that if any crisis occurs, you should always immediately visit your people. Amid the ongoing battle between Republicans and Democrats over the topic of that, the government worked a fair deal to help the town of Ohio. Donald Trump has been trying to take good credit for the heightened federal response.