The Derailment Of East Palestine Ohio Raises Questions On Rail Safety

east palestine

A train wreck that happened to release toxic materials at a town in Ohio has opened doors for queries regarding the regulations of the railway industry in the nation’s capital halls and suggestions are such that stricter steps would have saved the disaster from taking place.

This news coming from East Palestine is raising questions about the potentially disastrous effects not only on the environment but also on the health of the local people. This has now propelled Republicans and Democrats in Congress to pressurize the Biden administration and question them about keeping fair oversight of communities and railway workers near these railroads safe.

The East Palestine Derailment Brought In Bipartisan Agreement

This agreement about taking steps during the derailment comes with years of supporting deregulation by the Republicans in the railway industry which includes a rollback of the rules of transportation which had been seen during the administration of Trump.

The former, current, and union regulatory officials and Congress members of both parties gave a green indication and optimism that the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio may mark some rare opportunity to improve the safety standards of the railway industry in Washington.

However, it is still not clear if both parties of Congress have sufficient power to propel the East Palestine case further into tangible steps. What is not clear is if the rail industry’s efforts will cut down the proposed steps or play along in abolishing them.

Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary said on Tuesday to CNN that he has had enough of the railway industry’s pressurizing campaigns to reduce regulatory reforms. He further says that he has had it now. They have been facing one situation after another even where reasonable and modest reform receives a complete court press.