Donald Trump Has Pleaded Not Guilty Again, More To Come

donald trump

Since 2021, all the charges that were pressed against him, he has denied them. Jack Smith, a special counsel, has been handling Donald Trump’s case lately. He has pressed charges against him for mishandling classified documents. Jack Smith and his team have rescued many documents from Trump’s possession and several voice tapes. A recent tape released to the public has enough evidence to prove Trump is guilty. The tape where he talked about some secret military. And he did confess to having a controversial Pentagon document with himself.

Is A Memoir Enough To Prove Donald Trump’s Innocence?

The memoir of Mark Meadows consists of four pages of Donald Trump’s interview. The same tape has been recovered from the classified documents.

Where he mentioned training military forces and how he was preparing them to attack Iran. Mark Meadows has continuously tried to show support regardless of anything.

He badly wanted the Iran attack, and Trump always denied that request. Quoting that phrase is rather trying to prove Donald Trump innocent. However, he has mocked other things as well.

Mark Miley, who has typed has been a ghostwriter of the memoir, has recently been interviewed by Jack Smith and his team. He has mentioned Donald Trump wanted to start a war.

Donald Trump has already received a subpoena regarding the classified Pentagon documents against Iran. He needs to return it to the Department of Justice soon.

And, like usual, he still needs to provide the documentation the court has requested. Rather he provided documents where he could frame Mark Miley.

Donald Trump is trying to save his back by pushing everyone around him to edge, who has served him during his presidency. Trump has always been trying to frame people around him. He has never paid attention to those people who have sacrificed for him.