Donald Trump Shamelessly Talks About His Competitor

donald trump

Hilary Clinton, for the sake of her advantage, prints out all the emails she receives. The former president Donald Trump finds it hilarious. He has never shown respect to women in his life. Not his ex-wives or any opponent party. And even Jean Carroll, who has filed defamation charges against him. He came to the trial and made a joke of himself. He not only disrespected her, but he showed where he belonged.

He has nearly hundreds of legal cases active against him.

Special counsel Jack Smith promised to investigate cases against the former president when he was hired. He has produced much evidence in front of the court, making Trump look guilty.

All this evidence may lead to a possibility of trial soon.

Classified Documents Rescued From Donald Trump’s Ward

Many documents are yet to be found in Trump’s possession. He has been hoarding many controversial and classified documents since his time as president. The confiscated documents from the white house have many voice tapes of Donald Trump, which indicated he had some illegal business. The interview record has proof of Trump holding Pentagon documents. The most controversial document. Which leaked in March, causing an unsafe environment on an international level.

Jack Smith produced these voice recordings in front of a judge last week. And it was recently published to the public.

In the recording, Donald Trump mentioned documents and papers many times. Which has raised suspicion. And he has previously mentioned training the military for not mentioned purposes.

In between their conversation, he mocked many people. He has no remorse whatsoever.

According to the recording, he clearly states the American military has sent him those documents. The Pentagon document he had was made to attack Iran. 

Donald Trump has probably been gearing up for war.