Donald Trump’s Willingness With Anti-Semitic Commentors To Reach The White House

Donald Trump Biography
Donald Trump Biography

With all the conspiracy revolving around Donald Trump and his Mar-A-Lago, he is totally unbothered by the fact, there are plenty of active charges against him. He is concerned about the 2024 election, he is again running for the presidency.

2024 Election Could Be A Game-Changer Or An Epic Fail For Donald Trump

 Donald Trump has been charged with multiple lawsuits along with Jean Carroll’s defamation case of sexual assault. After losing the 2020 election Trump has caused many scenes including the January 6th capitol attack and claimed the votes were fraud and others. He declared last week he is running for the presidency again in 2024.

His recent dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes caused havoc in politics,  Donald Trump himself is against the anti-Semitism and declared that there is no place for antisemitism, though he engages with people who have multiple allegations against him for being an anti-Semite. Trump is entertaining those two people, who are not only anti-semite but have no remorse whatsoever, even given the opportunity to apologize they have misused it again, and humiliated them.

Whereas, after the dinner at Mar-A-Lago, Kanye shares that Donald  Trump is impressed with Fuentes, who holds not have a tremendous public image currently. Later, Trump revealed that the dinner was quick, and Kanye invited three of his friends, without his knowledge, it was not pleasing at all. Trump’s amateur behavior regarding politics is shown in his comments on social media, where he clearly said: “he liked the nice things they said about him”.

However, the nice people whom Trump had a good political talk with, are banned from major social media platforms and brands. And the question rises if he despises the anti-semitic actions and comments, why is he entertaining such people, who have brought shame only? Maybe Trump is trying those anti-semites as a ladder to the presidency and white house. And Trump is labeling these people as loyalists, who didn’t leave his side after the 2020 election.