Dune Review: Jason Momoa Steals The Show


Dune has been recently released in the theatres. The movie has been massively hyped and audiences are very much expectant. The film showed a lot of promise in its initial trailers. Thankfully enough, it did not disappoint the crowd. Dennis Villeneuve seems to have directed the movie to perfection. Dune features an enviable list of stars in its ranks. 

It boasts of popular names like Zendaya, Timothee Chalamet, Oscar Isaac & Jason Momoa. Out of all the characters, Momoa seems to have nailed his portrayal of Duncan Idaho. His flawless acting and fluent expressions gave the character an excellent polish. Audiences seem to have liked Duncan a lot more than any other character. Let us learn in detail about the film below.

Dune Appeals Greatly To The Fans

The pandemic has shut the world outside for a significant period. The prolonged shutdown called for a refreshing break. The recently launched Dune seems to give the crowd exactly what they wanted. The movie has derived a lot of praise from critics. One of the main highlights has been Jason Momoa. 

Momoa is a well-known face in Hollywood. He has appeared in a number of films earlier. The USP of his Momoa lies in his eye for perfection. His unique style of adaptation makes the audience relate to the characters. The actor shot to fame for his role in Aquaman and Justice League. 

Momoa proved his versatility in his recent venture as Duncan Idaho. Duncan has been portrayed as a master of swords. He serves the house of Atreides. Duncan’s best friend in the movie is Paul, played by Timothy Chalamet. Momoa’s screen presence in Dune enhanced Duncan’s character more. He played a wise soldier on a voyage as well as lightened the crowd with his timely comic reliefs.