Selma Blair Gets Shaved By Her Son

Selma Blair
Selma Blair

Selma Blair is one of the most gifted actresses in modern times. She is an American actress with significant zeal for acting. Her acting prowess is something she rightly takes pride in. Selma was born on the 23rd of June, 1972. Her first break came when she played Zoe Bean on WB.

She shot to fame for her role in Legally Blonde. Selma has featured in a number of successful films. “Sweetest Things”, ” Hellboy”, “Hell boy II” are some of her best movies. Unfortunately, Selma Blair has faced significant issues with her health. She had reportedly been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. 

The star broke the news about her health in the year 2018. It has been tough going for Selma since then. She has suffered a lot of pain and continues to wage her battle against her complications. A recent interview revealed how the actress let her little kid shave off her head. Let us find more details about the story below. 

Selma Blair Documentary Shines Light On Her MS Treatment 

A recent documentary has portrayed Selma’s journey with Multiple Sclerosis. The documentary enlightens about the pain and mental transformation. It depicts how life changed for Selma after being diagnosed with the disease. Out of the many notable moments, one particular moment caught my eye. 

In the most adorable of scenes, Selma has been spotted to be shaved by her son. Her son, Arthur,  was just ten years old. In a recently conducted interview, the star elaborated about the incidence. She stated that her little kid shaved her head. This was before the actress went for an important transplant of stem cells. 

Selma Blair said she wanted her son to be involved in her journey. She also wanted Arthur to be aware of the physical changes she went through. The actress stated that her son took up the challenge quite sportingly. Selma Blair is reported to be stable and doing fine at the moment.