Easter Bunny Intervenes To Stop President Biden from Discussing Afghanistan

easter bunny
easter bunny

An Easter Bunny rescued a confused President as he discusses Afghanistan and Pakistan with the White House crowd during the Easter egg roll, the first to be held after a two-year gap due to the pandemic. Joe Biden appeared surprised as he was interrupted even as he was interacting with the crowd.

Joe Biden was caught speaking with guests and reporters at the joyful holiday event. He began chatting about Afghanistan with a journalist, 8 months after Biden directed a chaotic withdrawal that ended two decades of American presence and replaced the Taliban with the Taliban.

Biden turned around to answer Nazira Karimi, an Afghan reporter and could be heard starting to speak up about Pakistan and Afghanistan before the Easter Bunny interrupted.

The Easter bunny later turned out to be Meghan Hays, a press official at the White House and in charge of planning messages, who intervened between Biden and the crowd and ushered the President away. It appeared to be a desperate attempt to avoid a public relations blunder.

The Easter Bunny Intervention Was Attacked By The Republicans

The Republicans quickly got into the act and mocked the President on social media. Matt Whitlock, a former aide of Orrin Hatch said that the staff at the White House must have a really poor opinion of the President to send in a White House bunny to butt in even as he started to speak up on Afghanistan.

Multiple videos revealed that the White House Easter bunny was hovering around the president and quickly moved in when he began to speak about Afghanistan. Hays waved her hand and ushered the President away.

Josh Hawley, the Republican Senator, wondered how could the Easter Bunny direct the President of the US. Buzz Patterson, a former House candidate from California commented that it was only possible in Biden’s America for an official dressed as an Easter Bunny to interrupt the most important world leader.

Meghan McCain said that it was disgraceful that the Presidential staff had little faith in their leader and his ability to speak in public.