Prince Harry And Elton John To Sue Daily Mail Publishers Over Accusations Of Breaching Of Privacy

Elton John
Elton John

Several well-known people, including Sir Elton John, are suing the Daily Mail’s publishers for what they describe “gross privacy invasions.

Elizabeth Hurley, Sadie Frost, the Duke of Sussex and Baroness Doreen Lawrence, along with Elton John have all brought lawsuits over Associated Newspapers Ltd.

The firm is accused of placing covert listening equipment inside people houses and automobiles. he accusations were referred to as “preposterous slander” by an ANL spokeswoman.

However, the Daily Mail in a statement said that they are unambiguously and utterly refusing these allegations by Elton John and others that in their viewpoint seems like a pre-planned attempt to throw mud on their newspaper. They said these accusations are based in phone hacking scandals that are almost three decades older.

They also said that these defamatory claims against their newspaper chains are basically fishing expeditions by lawyers of the claimants and among them lies some who has already pursued these cases in a different place.

Elton John, Prince Harry And Others Preparing A Lawsuit Against Daily Mail:

Prince Harry and Frost’s legal team, Hamlins, stated in a news statement that some of those pursuing action were the perpetrators of “abhorrent lawbreaking.” Hamlins claimed the following in the report as part of the activity which included:

  • Hiring PIs to secretly eavesdrop in the public cars and homes.
  • Payment of political officials with corrupt links with PIs for sensitive information from the inside.
  • Commissioning of individuals listen to and record the lives of these claimants, their private calls whilst those were happening at a completely different place.
  • Accessing credit histories and bank accounts and other transaction histories for illicit means/
  • Even the impersonation of the person to get medical information from personal clinics, hospital, treatment centres by deception.


Each of these were very serious accusations to bring upon a renowned newspaper like Daily Mail. More news to follow.