Emma Thompson Welcoming Old Age With New Realisations

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson tells PEOPLE that over the previous two years, Emma has been a lot more aware of herself. She has been realizing the fact that she is no longer a part of the invulnerability. While her age is making her stronger each day, it comes with a lot more opportunities to even hurt herself which Emma Thompson finds interesting. 

While the shooting for Matilda the Musical had been on, Emma happened to fall and fracture her ankle. The actress has worked on transforming to fit into the character of Miss Trunchbull but finds the fracture weird since she has never accomplished injuring herself to an extent as such. This incident made her aware of the change in her body due to her hitting old age and that she needs to be all the more careful.

Struggle As An Actor Emma Thompson Witnessed With A Fractured Ankle

The fracture compelled the actor to be present on the set with a compression boot. She recalls apologizing to the production team. They did understand the situation. However, the boot too couldn’t stop Emma from shooting. She performed a stunt where she was turned upside down with the help of a crane. 

The Oscar-winning actress was ready to give an interview with PEOPLE where she reveals about her hosting a party titled Pointless party. Emma hires a band that begins to make the crowd tap their feet on the floor at 8:00 till the crowd drops at 1:00. She held the previous party about 21 days ago and she wouldn’t stop dancing till her feet bled. Emma Thompson doesn’t stop there. She also reveals that she had been sick in London, she dragged herself to a spa where she took a break of four days only to read and sleep. Not to mention, Emma was thrilled to have an experience of that sort.