Corporate Tax Rates Might Be Increased By The Democrats

Tax Credit
Tax Credit

The politicians belonging to the Democratic Party of the House of Representatives expressed their need to make a few changes with regard to the corporate tax rates in the country. They want to increase the rate to a total of 26.5 percent. This comes as an initiative to meet the costs of their upcoming package that is to be spent in the county. The amount of the said package is huge. 

Corporate Tax Rates- Details

It has been stated that the committee on “Ways and Means are planning to introduce a few changes in the surtax. They are likely to impose a 3% surtax on those citizens of the United States of America whose income reaches over 5 million USD. This information was derived from sources close to Richard Neil, the Chair. It is to be noted that the corporate tax rates still have not been released officially. The authorities are also planning to raise the bar for the rate of capital gains.

The anticipated figure is 28.8%. The figure at present is 23.8%. As per the information, Neil is also planning on bringing some changes in the corporate tax rates with regard to those companies that have expanded overseas. The taxes charged on profits earned overseas are also to be raised by Neil. The state rules are also to be made more strict as compared to now.

In case all these proposals get the required approval officially, it will change the entire course of corporate tax rates. This is because there has not been any such increase altogether in the taxes until now. The leaders of theDemocratic Party are planning to spend all this money on the “reconciliation package” that is aimed to bring a few improvements to the country. They will be using up the collected funds to finance their safety net expansion.