Freddie Freeman Signed An Agreement With Los Angeles Dodgers

freddie freeman
freddie freeman

The 32-year-old baseball player, Freddie Freeman, came to an agreement with the Los Angeles Dodgers for money of $162 million. The news of the six-year deal was confirmed by a source to Kiley McDaniel and Jeff Passan of ESPN.

Freddie Freeman Signed A $162 Million Deal

Freeman contacted the free agency after he helped the Atlanta Braves to win the World Series after 25 years. His contribution to the team helped them win against the Houston Astros. He played in 12 seasons of the big league, with 31 homers, NL-lead of 120 runs, and 83RBIs. The deal Freddie Freeman agreed to is the second-highest paid deal and the first for a baseman. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers have offered a total of $100 million to players like Trevor Bauer, Mookie Betts, and currently to Freddie Freeman for a contract of three years. The Dodgers have offered this huge deal to an infielder for the first time. This huge amount has provided the Dodgers with four MVP holders like Cody Bellinger, Betts, Clayton Kershaw, and Freddie Freeman. 

The projection of the three best hitters, Trea Turner, Betts, and Freeman, are done by the Dodgers and these players can make the team win in the upcoming Caesars Sportsbook. The fact that Freddie Freeman approached the agency was quite a shock as he was the face and a crucial member of the Atlanta Braves. The Atlanta Braves extended their contract with Freddie in 2014 by offering him $135 million for eight more years. 

Atlanta had lost more than 90 games since the last three seasons and after Freeman got the lead in the Braves, they won back-to-back four NL East titles. The series ended and as expected, they wanted to extend their contract by offering $18.4 million which he rejected. Freddie Freeman was in southern California and he was selected in the second draft round for the Braves in 2007.