Free Covid Treatments Are Soon Taken Back By The White House

free covid treatments
free covid treatments

The administration of Joe Biden is thinking of how to bring an end to the federal subsidiaries which made sure the free covid treatments of certain patients. This decision was taken as Congress could not issue new money for other impacts of this pandemic. 

Impact Of Banning Free Covid Treatments On Patients

This proposal will stop the coverage that the Government used to give to the free covid treatments to the patients and as a result, some citizens of America would have to pay for expensive treatments that can cost even more than $2,000. A group with members of the White House and officials of the healthcare system headed by Jeff Zients will debate about which tests or treatment they would stop paying for and what will be the impact of it on the poor citizens. 

As per an official of the administration, the decision has not yet been made and even if it is decided, it will be abrupt. The discussion is still in the first stage and the proposal to get more money for the victims of Covid-19 has become an urgent issue. The issue of funding was becoming less problematic as the Covid-19 cases began to fall and the administration started to chalk out plans for a less troublesome phase. However, the Government of Joe Biden is facing tremendous pressure and there might be no money left for such plans. 

According to the White House, a huge amount of money is needed to buy the vaccines and other treatment of patients. Moreover, the Government is also considering privatizing some free covid treatments which means the patients have to pay for them with their private insurance or all by themselves. 

There is a deadlock in the administration as well. The majority of the covid treatments are paid for by the Government including Pfizer’s pill that is only issued during emergency situations by the Food and Drug Administration and commercial sellers cannot get access to it.

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