California Gov. Gavin Newsom Censures Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis As He Urges Floridians To Move To The Golden State

Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has subtly taunted a potential presidential rival with an advertisement encouraging Floridians to move to the Golden State. The 30-second spot will air starting Friday in Florida. It takes on Governor Ron DeSantis, whose cultural war has made him a Republican poster boy.

Gavin Newsom declares that freedom is under attack in Florida. It goes on to say that GOP leaders are making it difficult for non-whites to vote, they have banned books, restricting classroom conversation, and are even criminalizing doctors and women.

The ad depicts images of Former President Trump and the Florida Governor. His voice-over urges all Floridians to join in the fight. Or move to California where they would regain their freedom. Gavin Newsom speaks of giving them the freedom to choose, freedom of speech, freedom to love, and freedom from hatred.

Ad From Gavin Newsom Indicates That He Is Raising His National Profile

The advertisement indicates that the Democratic Governor from the Golden State is gradually increasing his profile on the national level. He was successful in defeating a GOP-led recall effort in October.

Both Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis are considered future contenders for the American Presidency by their respective parties and are reportedly mulling a campaign for the Presidential election slated for 2024.

Critics have termed it a very expensive troll, almost a hundred thousand dollars worth. Gavin Newsom is set on a surplus budget of over $25B and has no competitor worthy of him when it comes to his state. And people on the sidelines are looking forward to a fight between the two political heavyweights.

Gavin Newsom’s new ad was first provided to CNN and goes on air on July 4. Fox News will also air it. The ad has been termed a classic mashup between an investment pitch and a campaign spot.