Ginni Thomas Could Be Subpoenaed By January 6 Committee: Wife Of Republican Leaning Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas

Ginni Thomas
Ginni Thomas

Conspiracy theory nutcase and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas may be up for subpoena next by the January 6 Select Committee investigating the insurrection and riots on Capital Hill. It would be the only way to get her if she refuses to cooperate with the Committee.

In private, Ginni Thomas has been closely involved in many groups that have been directly linked to controversial cases and are considered a threat to the justice system by many legal experts.

Ginni Thomas believes that the US is facing existential threats because of what she says are the fascists and the left, and the deep state. In her opinion, that includes what she terms “transsexual fascists.”

The conservative wing owing allegiance to Donald Trump and the Republicans holds a super-majority of 6-3 at the Supreme Court. Last year Ginni Thomas’s husband, Clarence, one of the judges, accused the media of spreading falsehood.

Ginni Thomas Member Of Several Hard-Line And Shadowy Groups

The antics of Ginni Thomas have made it hard for people to accept that the Justices are politically neutral because of her bizarre belief in the “deep state” and “transsexual fascists.”

She has been a controversial activist for years and her allies have been winning on issues she takes up including gun rights, affirmative action, and abortion.

She has been part of the group of influential people who cheered on and instigated the January 6 mob that ran-riot through the Capitol and ultimately resulted in the death of 6 law enforcement officers and rally participants.

She has for company controversial figures like John Eastman who was a key supporter of the lie being perpetrated that Trump won the presidential election in 2020.

She has direct access to the clerks under Justice Thomas and has been actively involved in lobbying for right-wing issues despite her husband being the senior-most judge on the Supreme Court.