Killer Mike, The Rapper, Handcuffed By Police At Grammys

Killer Mike

The 2024 Grammy Awards saw Killer Mike being escorted out by the police on February 4th. Only a few hours earlier, the rapper had won three awards during the telecast of the pre-show. The 48-year-old rapper from Atlanta was detained by authorities. The process was captured in video by Chris Gardner, a writer for The Hollywood Reporter, and then posted on X (formerly known as Twitter). As the rapper walked out of Los Angeles’s Arena, there could be voices heard shouting “Free Mike”.

A Bizarre Incident Involving Killer Mike

It is uncertain whether Killer Mike has received any charges or booking. Michael Render is his real name. According to reports by TMZ, the incident took place after there was a physical confrontation, allegedly. According to the report by Gardner, an official from the police force claimed that they may release Killer Mike later from the arena, There is yet to be any further responses from any of the representatives of the rapper.

A Los Angeles Police Department public information officer refused to confirm the identity of Killer Mike. However, while speaking with PEOPLE, they confirmed that shortly after 4 PM, the police detained a male for being involved in an altercation of a physical nature. They further stated that at that point, the police were questioning the individual as the investigation continued.

Killer Mike has been a part of the music industry for more than 20 years now. His recording debut happened in Stankonia, the album released in 2000 by Outkast. On February 4th, Sunday, the rapper almost won all 4 categories associated with rap music. However, he only won three in the end. His “Scientist & Engineers” won him the best rap performance and best rap song. Michael won him the best rap album.