Greg Abbott In Limelight

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

“Busing illegal aliens in order to clear out immigration facilities would be a felony under Texas law,” said Greg Abbott. “I am eager to work with local and state officials on ways we can secure our border, but it must be done the right way.”

Harris, who has the support of many of the Democratic presidential candidates, said on Twitter that she was trying to get more information.

In a statement issued by her campaign, Harris said: “The governor’s decision is deeply troubling.” She added: “As Texans, we should not stand for this treatment of families seeking asylum in our country.”

Greg Abbott In News Again

Greg Abbott is a Republican who has sought to block migrants from entering Texas by filing lawsuits against the federal government and by deploying state troopers along its southern border with Mexico. He has vowed to “hammer” judges if they continue issuing rulings unfriendly to his immigration agenda. Abbott also instructed DPS officials last week not to participate in any transfer activities related to migrant children after he declared them “a serious safety risk” for law enforcement officers amid reports that some such operations had been disrupted or halted altogether due to political pressure from some quarters like Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke (D).

But with Harris’s help, perhaps that won’t happen. She said she was deeply concerned about the safety of migrants traveling to Texas and pledged to do everything in her power to stop these dangerous actions before they started.