Electing Pushpa Kamal Again. Triumph Or Disaster?

pushpa kamal

Pushpa Kamal, a former Maoist is known for his terrible monarchy in Nepal. However, this is the third time he has been elected as prime minister of Nepal. He has led the Maoist for over a decade. He stepped into world politics in 2006. This time he is touching 14 years as a head of the government.

Pushpa Kamal Will Have The Support Of UML

He is all set to rule for the first half of the five years term with the opposition party Unified Marxist Leninist party support. Pushpa Kamal still goes by the Nom De Guerre Prachanda, his name signifies someone who is fierce or terrible. He has defeated Sher Bahadur of the Nepali congress party, and he will step down in 2025.

Pushpa Kamal walked out of the ruling alliance by Deuba, part of the Nepali congress party. Deuba is offended by this and has refused to back the new prime minister up or support him in anyways. Both of them have campaigned for the election have in spite of their differences they managed to keep the professional relationship intact, seems like that broke after several years.

Though Pushpa Kamal is not in a good position his Maoist party won 32 seats. And many strongly believe he is not capable of providing stability to the country. He has no economic strength at the moment and is very unlikely to provide financial stability. Inflation has increased to 8% in Nepal, which is the highest in the last 6 years.

And Nepal is now wholly dependent on china and India even for basic things. Study shows Nepal’s government has changed 10 times since 2008 and doesn’t hold a good impression on the economy of Nepal. And the country feels Pushpa kamal is totally unaware of this.