Heels Expected To Do Well In The Box Office


Heels have been premiered recently. It was expected to be a huge hit. If the first impressions are to be believed, then the hype might as well come true. The series is expected to rule big on the box office. Fans and followers were expecting the release for a long long time. The plot is an intriguing one with a major twist at the very end. This has drawn much attention to the series premiere. Stephen Amell has commented on the plot twists of the series. Below is the review of the series. The review contains spoilers so go ahead at your own will!

Heels’ Plot Twist Expected To Thrill The Fans

The much-awaited series release is here! Heels have finally being premiered. The plot revolves mainly around the wrestling ring with all the pomp and show. Jack and Ace are brothers in the series. Everyone expected them to be the best of friends. Both of them were speculated to fight hand in hand and go for the victory together. 

However, the plot has a major twist for the fans. Stephen Amell plays the role of Jack Spade in the film. Amell stated that Jack would be turning on his brother. He would purposefully injure his brother and derail his career in the process. This injury kept Ace out of action for a significant amount of time. As a result, his push was seriously affected. He lost all his gained momentum with the fans of DWL. 

Amell stated that this was his favorite storyline from Heels. Considering the complexity and the messy nature of the plot, it appealed more to Amell. He went on to say that bad decisions were inevitable for each individual. The path that is chosen by Jack in the series makes the story all the more grasping. Amell also commented that the rift between the brothers stood as the main pillar of the storyline for Season 1.