Heidi Klum Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum suffered a malfunction at the AGT filming recently. On the sets of America’s Got Talent, she seemed to be enjoying her time with her fellow stars. She was clicking pictures and having a merry time. The wardrobe mishap was taken in good spirits by the star actress. The star bend over for a selfie photo with her co-workers. As she was wearing a short dress, a large portion of her skin was revealed. She quickly understood the mistake and sat down. However, those few seconds were enough for a fan to capture her in a video. Heidi Klum laughed off her embarrassment and took the whole incident sportingly. 

Heidi Klum Laughs Off Her Wardrobe Debacle 

Klum is a renowned German supermodel. She is famous for her good looks & toned physique. Klum is never shy of showing her perfectly maintained body. She has featured in several short dresses in recent times. The recent episode of America’s Got Talent was no different. Klum was looking stunning in the short dress that complimented her physique. 

Things got awkward when Heidi Klum bent over to take a snap. A considerable amount of her back portion was revealed to the audience. A TikTok user captured the moment in the video. When Klum saw it she was very much sporting about the incident. The supermodel shared the video from her account. She posted a funny caption stating one should not bend much while wearing a short dress. 

Heidi Klum looks stunning as ever. Even at 48, Klum looks pretty as a 20-year-old. Heidi mesmerized everyone with her beauty at the red carpet event of AGT. She sported a three-piece patchwork set that looked fabulous on her. Klum was asked to return for her eighth stint with the show as a judge.