US Border Patrol Chief Retires After 32 Years Of Service

US Border Patrol

Raul Ortiz is retiring at the end of June. He is the chief of the US Border Patrol. 

In a statement to US Border Patrol workers, Ortiz stated, “I have chosen to retire from the federal government on June 30th after a 32-year career encompassing various Sectors, HQ deployments, and foreign missions in Afghanistan.

The career official has lately assisted in guiding an unprecedented amount of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border through a greater humanitarian crisis on a global scale and, more recently, the repeal of the Title 42 immigration policy from the epidemic era.

US Border Patrol Chief Steps Down

After the strategy that made it simpler for authorities to turn people off there ended earlier this month, there were worries about a rush at the border, but Biden officials have reported a decline in crossings.

Although they have been identified by American officials as being in northern Mexico and ready to cross into the US, they “haven’t turned back; they are just passing the time south of the border.”

In a message obtained by NewsNation, Ortiz stated, “I leave relaxed, knowing we are blessed with a great uniformed and competent workforce, solid ties with our union collaborators, and outstanding managers who will continue to relentlessly fight for you each day.” 

He supports them every single day. The strongest praise we can give him is that he is a wonderful agent, even though he has received multiple honors and distinctions during his time with the Border Patrol.

Since August 2021, when he took over for Rodney Scott, who supported many of the Trump administration’s policies, including the border wall, Ortiz has served as the head of the US Border Patrol.