Hillary Clinton Cautions Of Repercussions for Withdrawing Afghanistan Troops

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is an ex-State Secretary. On 2nd May, Sunday, she stated that the United States of America must focus on 2 big consequences. These consequences might happen since President Joe Biden had decided of withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan.

During the previous month, Biden had announced their plan to withdraw the 2,500 remaining American troops from Afghanistan. The US has continuously been at war against Afghanistan for the last 20 years. The troops are now expected to vacate the nation within 11th September.

Word Of Advice From Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton seems to be very worried over the leaving of American troops from Afghanistan. On the other hand, the US has already given its decision and provided a deadline for the withdrawal.

Clinton has said that the decision has already been made and it is an extremely difficult decision. She further added that this is known as a wicked problem that has numerous consequences. This issue has both unintended and foreseen repercussions of leaving or staying. Nonetheless, Biden has already taken the decision to withdraw troops.

She has cited 2 huge note-worthy consequences which must be a priority for the US government. The first consequence is the probable collapse of Kabul. Secondly, the Taliban might take over and resume terrorist activities on a global scale.

She emphasized these 2 consequences and asked the government to not simply walk away from them. Clinton along with Condoleezza Rice, former State Secretary, earlier mentioned these consequences to the Biden administration.

Biden stated that the main objective of infiltrating Afghanistan was accomplished almost 10 years ago after killing Osama bin Laden. Following that the US incurred a $2 trillion expenditure and lost more than 2,300 soldiers over 20 years. He informed that the US embassy will continue their work in Afghanistan while the troops will return.