Cynthia Bailey Apparently Wrongly Accused Mike Hill Of Infidelity

cynthia bailey

Received to Page Six, disclosed by Cynthia Bailey blamed her ex-husband for cheating on her compelling the divorce. This news has come out now in the court documents despite infidelity claims being previously shut down.

On Thursday documents had been filed in Fulton Country court which claim Petitioner is eligible to file for a divorce due to the Respondent being involved in relations that were inappropriate and adulterous. Also raising a question about the moral ethics of his conduct. However, as told to Page Six exclusively by Mike Hill that the claims of cheating were an error and that the legal team of Cynthia Bailey is now releasing statements preceding this.

Did The Tables Just Turn For Cynthia Bailey?

Comment request on Page Six was not immediately responded to by attorneys and reps of Cynthia Bailey. However, in a few hours, she clarifies that the divorce has a foundation of mutual inexorable differences. She continues to deny her accusations against Mike over any sort of adulterous actions. They wish well for each other and hope to remain friends forever.

The allegations of adulterous relations to be the initial reason for the divorce between the couple was incorrect is admitted by Attorney Daniel R. Meachum on Page Six. He continues to admit that the only reason for their separation is the differences that are inexorable between the two. To rectify the allegation, an amended petition is immediately being filed.

As both the statements to Page Six by Bailey and Hill, Cynthia Bailey has denied innumerable times on public grounds of Mike Hill ever being unfaithful to her. As said, they had been going through several things together and she respects Mike and their marriage. She would however not like to give a detailed account but said that nothing scandalous ever happened and they just landed up to outgrow each other.

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