House Democrats Want Mike Johnson To Lay Out His Plan To Help Ukraine

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson’s speakership might be saved by House Democrats, but first he needs to lay out a plan for authorizing aid to Ukraine, various Democratic sources told CNN. Democrats would vote in masse to keep Johnson in the office if he said he would accept the Senate’s $95 billion relief proposal, according to sources.

However, Johnson has already stated that he is open to a different bipartisan proposal that may come forward in the House, and he has informed Republican leaders that he may set up floor time for that plan when they return from their Easter break.

Mike Johnson Can Even Get The Democrats’ Help 

However, the Democratic response to that bipartisan plan has been mostly muted due to its increased border security measures, which include reintroducing the so-called “Remain in Mexico” policy. Furthermore, Johnson has hinted that he might be open to changing the aid to Ukraine into a loan for the nation—a suggestion made by former President Donald Trump that has angered Democrats.

Democrats could decide to support Mike Johnson in fewer numbers if he attempts to advance the House proposal, according to a Democratic source. The first procedural vote to remove Johnson is anticipated to take the form of a “motion to table,” or kill, the resolution proposed by fellow Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to resign as speaker, though the precise date is yet unknown.