Hans Niemann A GM In Chess Has Cheated More Than Hundred Times: New Reports Revealed

Hans Niemann
Hans Niemann

The World No. 1 Carlsen officially implicated American grandmaster of chess Hans Niemann of falsifying twice in his time last week. However, a Chess.com inquiry revealed that Hans Niemann had deceived 100 times or more.

Hans Niemann, 19, admitted to having received illegal help and support in much more over 100 games online, which include chess games for cash prizes, as lately as 2020, according to an internal document acquired by The Wall Street Journal. Hans Niemann was forbidden from the online chess forum for an undisclosed amount of time after that admission.

Niemann, who is now rated No. 40 in the globe, is on the ascent. Inside a span of four years, his Elo score, which gauges a chess person’s skill in comparison to others, rose by 350 points.

However, the Chess.com research came to the conclusion that Hans’ playing career had “strange tendencies.” Chess.com stated that Hans Niemann’s performances in some tournaments “demand further study based on the statistics,” despite the fact that it normally does not track cheating in well over matches, such as live chess matches.

Hans Niemann A GM In Chess Apparently Has Cheated More Than Hundred Times:

Nevertheless, the Chess.com research came to the conclusion that “strange patterns throughout Hans Niemann’s path as just a player” exist. While Niemann’s performances in some events “demand further study based on the statistics,” Chess.com stated that it does not normally track fraud in the over matches, alluding to live chess matches.

Carlsen made just one game before retiring in displeasure when they faced off in a different online event two weeks later.

Niemann acknowledged that he had cheated twice previously in his career. He claimed, in an appearance with the Saint Louis Chess Club, that at the age of twelve, his friend fed him the signature moves inside an electronic competition on Chess.com for winnings. This device is known as an engines. Then, at the age of 16 years old, Hans Niemann claimed he used cheats in lesser games to raise his score since he desired to play against more difficult opponents.

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