How Does Action Mapping Motivate Learners?

How To Use Action Mapping To Motivate Learners

Understanding and implementing action mapping will let digital learning designers actually create courses that motivate learners through realistic activities that let them practice learned skills instead of simple presentations that throw information in their faces. But first, let us have a look at the history of action mapping and what it is.

What Is Action Mapping?

Action mapping is a framework/method/process that helps Instructional Designers design business training. It was developed in 2008 by Cathy Moore. It is quite effective in analyzing performance problems, identifying solutions and designing activities that challenge learners and help them practice learned knowledge. It should be understood that action mapping isn’t a framework that lets Instructional Designers design a digital learning course, it is a far broader framework which can, however, let Instructional Designers design activities in their courses that will help learners change habits or learn complex skills. The main goal of action mapping is to let the L&D team of an organization design activities which increase the absorption and retention of knowledge be it in any training format, including digital learning…

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