Under the Fourth Stimulus Check in 2023 Payments Between $200 and $1,700 Are Disbursing

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

This year, tax rebate checks and stimulus payments are still being sent to residents of several states, including California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, and Maine. These payments are not part of the federal government’s stimulus program; rather, they are the result of state initiatives.

In California, millions of taxpayers receive up to $1,050 in inflation relief checks via direct deposit or debit card. The payments are determined by household size, tax-filing status, and income.

State residents in Colorado who submitted their 2021 return by June 30 should have received a $750 check by September 30.

Stimulus Checks Scene Changes

In May, all Delaware residents who filed their 2020 tax returns received a $300 one-time stimulus check, and nearly 60,000 families in Florida received $450 one-time payments for each child. Families must be foster parents, participate in the Guardianship Assistance Program, or receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (also known as welfare) in order to be eligible.

In May, single taxpayers in Georgia received $250, heads of household $375, and married couples filing jointly $500.

This year, residents of Hawaii who earned less than $100,000 in 2021—or $200,000 if they filed jointly—should receive a $300 tax rebate. The rebate is also available to dependents, so a family of four that meets the requirements could receive $1,200.

Taxpayers and their dependents in Idaho received $75 each, or 12% of their state income tax return for 2020, whichever was less.

Income and property tax rebates are included in the $1.83 billion Illinois relief stimulus check package. In 2021, individuals earning less than $200,000 will receive a $50 income tax rebate, and couples filing jointly earning less than $400,000 will receive a $100 rebate. Additionally, tax filers can receive $100 for each dependent they claim on their 2021 taxes, up to a maximum of three.

Hoosiers, regardless of income, are eligible for $125 rebate stimulus check in Indiana.

This year, taxpayers in Maine who had an adjusted gross income of less than $100,000 when they filed their state tax returns for 2021 were eligible for an $850 direct relief payment. A single $1 payment was made to couples filing jointly.




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