How Live Casino Studio Environments Affect the Gaming Experience

Online Casinos
Online Casinos

Live casinos are the new black. High-quality streams of gambling tables from brick-and-mortar casinos or special studios are, for many online players, the best gaming experience you can get right now.  

Thanks to their unique nature, live casino games have attracted millions of players worldwide. And they owe much of that popularity to the studio environments. Let’s see how the design of the live casino studio environments affects the customer experience.  

Realistic Surroundings Are Better for Immersion 

 A live stream from a busy casino or a studio is great for players who miss land-based casinos. The thrill of visiting a real casino is hard to beat. However, live casinos come quite close to that, delivering something that’s the closest to reality online players can get.  

Compared to classic online games, live games help players feel as if they are really there. They immerse in the game faster, which means they can enjoy playing their favourite games more. Moreover, the sterile RNG games where a player plays alone breed isolation. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but a significant number of punters actually enjoys the social aspect of gambling.  

If the studio where streaming takes place is decorated to look like a natural casino setting, it’s even better. However, the best possible setting is the real casino – and many casinos stream tables from busy floors of major gambling halls. That trend has proved to be quite popular because it gives players who visit  live casinos online a feeling of playing for real without actually stepping a foot inside a brick-and-mortar establishment. In short, they get all the benefits without any hassle. 

Dedicated Environments Help Casinos Build Their Brands 

Live streams of gambling games are not a new concept, but they quickly spread across the world. The pandemic boosted their popularity, as players are prevented from leaving home and visiting real casinos.  

An increase in the number of casinos online has also created saturation on the global gambling scene. Casinos struggle to stand out, but they have found that live casino games can help. They teamed up with game software companies like Pragmatic Play and Playtech to create dedicated studios and environments which complement the brand. Thanks to these tables and studios, the gambling operators can quickly establish their brand and be recognizable to a broader audience. A custom-made unique environment for specific casino signals that the website is a big brand that offers a unique gaming experience suitable for all players.  

Opulent Environments Attract More Players 

Classy and elegant games with rich decoration are attention-grabbers. When promoted properly, they have the power of attracting a broader audience to the website. How? Well, players love dynamic and vibrant games. Given how online players are stripped of the physical experience of entering a casino, they have to rely on the visual aspect to attract customers. And live streams from studios decked in colours and rich ornaments are the perfect way to do that.  

Companies such as Playtech and Evolution are experts in that area. In 2020, Evolution launched a flamboyant live game show titled Crazy Time. The game combines four games into one, each with a particular corner that has a distinct style. The animated design of the studio, combined with four exciting, fast-paced games, has attracted more players than a classic roulette or blackjack table ever could. Crazy Time, although quite eye-catching, is one of many examples of how companies attract players with live casino studio environments.  

Environments Unite Low Rollers and High Rollers and Give Them the Same Experience 

Gamblers are commonly classified into three groups – low rollers, medium, and high rollers. The classification is done based on the size of their bankroll, so low rollers are players who don’t like to bet big; medium rollers wager medium sums, while low rollers want to use bigger bets. The difference between their betting abilities often determines the approach the casino will take towards the customers. Low rollers, as true VIPs, get better treatment, such as better bonuses, better limits, and access to restricted tables.  

An opulent live casino environment unites them all. More specifically, low rollers can feel like VIPs without investing considerable sums. All players who join games set in lavish studios are treated as equals, so they don’t have to have big bankrolls to earn a seat. This is important because it helps promote responsible gaming. Namely, gamblers who wish to sit at exclusive tables often borrow money to be able to pay for a seat. With these tables, they can get a similar experience without going into debt or anything similar. In a way, live dealer tables situated in plush studios encourage equality among punters.  

In Conclusion, Live Casino Games Are a Unique Experience 

Live casino studios are a great way to attract more players, make those who wouldn’t be welcome in a real casino feel welcome, and help customers feel like they are in a land-based gambling hall. The richer the design of the studio, the more will players feel like VIPs.  

But the central aspect of having an excellent live casino environment design is the quality of the experience. Players who frequent the tables join in because they want to feel like they are in a grand hall of a major gambling brand, feel the crowd’s buzz and the thrill of the game. With an authentic design of the studio – or a stream from an actual casino floor – that effect is achieved. Players get a genuine experience, but the fact that it is a stream accessible from any location on the planet makes it even better. And there isn’t anything similar that can replace such an experience.