The Positive Impacts of Playing Video Games

Video Games
Video Games

Video games are always linked to laziness and other negative factors affecting one’s overall health. However, experts have found that playing video games has many benefits in real life. The benefits of playing these games for both kids and adults include stress relief, problem-solving skills development, and healthy brain stimulation. 

From simple shapes and color games for little kids to gambling games from sites like casinovibez for adults, below are the healthy benefits of playing video games. 

It improves manual dexterity 

Controller-based video games are good for the hands. A study with a group of surgeons shows that those who have played video games perform better with advanced procedures than surgeons who don’t play. Moreover, these surgeons made 37% fewer mistakes than the non—gamer surgeons. 

Also, certain video games are being used as physical therapy, helping stroke victims to regain control of their wrists and hands. 

It increases the brain’s gray matter 

Gaming is an exercise for the brain disguised as fun. According to studies, regularly playing video games increases the brain’s gray matter and boosts brain connectivity. The brain’s gray matter is linked with memories, perception, muscle control, and spatial navigation. 

It improves social skills 

The gamers’ reputation as shy people who play video games to escape social interactions is an old cliché; modern gamers are far from being shy. On the contrary, the research found that compared to non-gamers, children who are playing video games are more likely to have better social skills. 

Moreover, these children perform better at school and have better relationships with other students, especially if these kids are playing the same video games. 

It improves problem-solving skills 

Multi-level, mission-based, and open-world are designed like complicated puzzles that take hours to solve. Sometimes, the solutions to each level depend on your previous actions in the game. Therefore, learning to strategize and think on your feet in this fast-paced virtual environment is a skill that is useful in real life. 

A long-term study published in 2013 showed that kids who played strategy-based video games had shown improvements in problem-solving. Moreover, they got better grades the following school year. 

It motivates you to become more physically active 

Major video game consoles have adopted virtual reality (VR), where gamers wear VR goggles, allowing them to step into a virtual world. This technology is taking gaming to a higher level as the gamers have to get up and move away from their couches. VR gets the gamers to move their whole body to control the game. 

It improves vision 

Video games can enhance your vision, given that you are not playing for 10 hours straight and at least two feet away from the screen. In a study, a group of male, non-gamer students tested against a group of male students playing first-person action games. The study showed that gamers could see things clearer in cluttered spaces due to enhanced spatial resolution. 

Games can train the brain to see smaller details as these tiny details are crucial in every game. 

It improves awareness 

Studies have revealed that people that are playing video games have remarkable improvements in certain types of attention. It includes selective and sustained attention. Moreover, research showed that the parts of the brain that have something to do with attention become more efficient than non-gamers. 

Also, it is indicated in their research that playing video games affects and changes various regions of the brain. With that being said, video games improve the brain’s performance and structure as well. 

It supports mental health 

According to studies, some video games can improve mood and make heart rhythms better, which is a sign of stress relief. Furthermore, the relation between stress and video games has been shown in various unrelated studies. Hence, video games used in therapy for more than a decade. 

Playing video games is also found to reduce emotional disturbance and provide emotional stability to children. Moreover, it has also been found that playing video games can reduce depressed mood. With that being said, video games have contributed a lot in helping people to get through the lockdowns due to the pandemic

It can trick kids to study 

Video games can be about anything, so the developers realized that they could use them to improve math and reading skills in kids. Currently, some games incorporate cooking, politics, world history, architecture, chemistry, and other academic topics. 

It boosts persistence 

You only have two choices when playing video games: win or keep on trying until you win. Through the process, you will learn from your mistakes, an important thing that you can apply in real life. 

With that in mind, some educators and researchers argue that playing video games can boost people’s confidence and be persistent in working towards their goals. Moreover, it teaches them that each mistake is a learning opportunity. 

By looking through various statistics and studies, there is plenty of evidence that video games positively impact one’s health and personality. 

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