Infrastructure Bill Faces A Deadlock

Infrastructure bill
Infrastructure bill

The Democratic Party of the US Senate faced a major loss with respect to the infrastructure bill that is supposed to be a bipartisan one. There was a test vote concerning the aid bill and the Democrats lost the votes. The test vote took place on the 21st of July that fell on a Wednesday. Following the incident, the bill has not witnessed any advancements with regard to its status. 

Infrastructure Bill Issues

The incident of the failure of the infrastructure bill comes from the fact that the Republicans had placed their warning earlier. They had also indicated wanting a little more time to decide on the situation before moving forth with it. The Republican senators had clearly stated their lack of decision on helping the Democratic senators achieve the much-needed votes. The threshold of the votes concerning the infrastructure bill is 60. 

The failure of the bipartisan bill to achieve the required votes is viewed as one of the major, though temporary, political losses faced by Joe Biden, the Democratic President as well Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader. Schumer had made a lot of effort in order to make the infrastructure bill successful. It was also stated by the White House that everybody will jump-start their negotiations on the said bipartisan which is a part of the majority leader’s strategy.

It has also been reported that the President has full faith in Schumer’s strategy. As far as the infrastructure bill is concerned, it is to spend a total of 1.2 trillion USD towards developing the infrastructure in the country. The total votes calculated on Wednesday’s voting session was 49 out of 51. Some of the most influential Republican politicians who seem to be interested in the bipartisan bill have stated that they are waiting for the final decision on it that will be made this Monday.