Tommy Bryant Refuses To Resign From The Alabama Council

Tommy Bryant
Tommy Bryant

Tommy Bryant, one of the council members belonging to the city of Alabama, is facing the orders of resignation. The origin of the issue comes from the fact that he used an extremely inappropriate word in one of the council meetings that was held this week. Following this, he was told to resign by the Democratic party if the city of Alabama to which he declined.

Tommy Bryant’s Explanation

Tommy Bryant and his controversial statement went on to become viral throughout the country. Following this, the Democratic party then demanded his resignation as a council member of the city of Tarrant. However, the accused clearly denied the charges and further told one of the news channel sources that he has no such plans of giving his resignation. There had been live streaming of the meeting that had taken place on the 19th of July that fell on a Monday.

It was shed through the social media platform, Facebook, from the official page of the city. Tommy Bryant was having a discussion concerning different issues. The one at the other end was Wayman Newton, the mayor of Tarrant who is from the community of the Blacks. 

As the debates proceeded, there was a conversation that took place between the accused and one of his fellow council members, Veronica Freeman. Tommy Bryant directly asked her if there were any “n**er” present in the house. He also added that if there is any then she should probably come forth. This followed Veronica Freeman to leave the platform as she burst out in tears. She made her return after a little while. As a part of his explanation, Bryant claimed that he was just repeating the words of Newton and it was Newton himself who had actually tattered the words to refer to Freeman.