Isaiah Stewart Detained For Assault

Isaiah Stewart

Isaiah Stewart was arrested following an altercation with Drew Eubanks before an NBA game between the Detroit Pistons and Phoenix Suns. He was detained for assault and cited after he punched Eubanks hours before the 2 teams were scheduled to play at the arena.

Isaiah Stewart was given a citation and later released. He was also listed out of the game for a sprain in his left ankle. Drew Eubanks ended the game with 6 points and 6 rebounds in his eighteen minutes in their 116-100 win for the Suns.

Eubanks said that the alteration happened when he was entering the arena. Drew said that a dispute started, and they confronted each other before Isaiah Stewart finally threw a punch at Eubanks. Security personnel on hand intervened and Eubanks was not hurt seriously and continued with the game.

The Suns Have Termed The Attack Unprovoked And Unacceptable

The Phoenix Suns issued a statement stating that the attack on their players was unacceptable and unprovoked. They said that they unequivocally supported Eubanks and would continue to cooperate with NBA and law enforcement agencies.

The Detroit Pistons also released a statement saying that they were mindful of the unfortunate incident. They further said that they continued to gather additional facts regarding the incident about what provoked it and what transpired between the two players. The team also said that they are responding to the local authorities and the NBA.

Monty Williams, the Pistons coach, who was fired by the Suns in 2023 said that his former team shouldn’t have made the statement about the attack being unprovoked. He called the statement definitely irresponsible.

He said that there was time to gather more information on the attack by Isaiah Stewart. He was also involved in an altercation with LeBron James of the Lakers in 2021. He was suspended for two games while LeBron James was suspended for one.