Fani Willis Takes Witness Stand For Impassioned Brawl With Defense Attorneys

Fani Willis
Fani Willis

The election subversion issue involving former US President Donald Trump and fourteen other allies saw a stunning turn on Thursday. Two top prosecutors, Fani Willis, and Nathan Wade, hired by Willis, admitted under oath of having a romantic relationship.

Earlier Fani Willis was on the stand to vigorously justify her relationship with Wade. The Trump legal team has alleged that there was a conflict of interest in this case. They believe that it could upend the charges of election subversion that is hanging against the disgraced former president.

The Trump camp has sought the removal of Fani Willis and Wade from the case. The issue has received a boost through a motion that Michael Roman, a campaign operative in the Trump camp, filed in January.

It was an edgy hearing that was to decide if Fani Willis and the Fulton County DA office of should be disbarred from moving further with the prosecution of the former president and his henchmen for manipulating the 2020 presidential election results as a result of the relationship between Willis and Wade.

Fani Willis Accuses Trump Camp Of Dishonesty

In an unexpected move, Willis took the stand as a witness and defended her personal affair with Wade, the special prosecutor. She knew that her status was in danger of being compromised. She pulled no punches to persuade Judge Scott McAfee that she and Dave had not crossed moral boundaries.

The Trump camp has sought to remove Fani Willis and Nathan Wade because their relationship renders the indictment gravely defective. The DA office stayed silent for long after the involvement between the two was made public.

But Fani Willis was at her combative best. She began by denouncing Ashleigh Merchant, Roman’s lawyer for dishonesty in his move to have the DA removed. She accused her of lying for suggesting that she had an affair with Wade immediately after she met him.