Sharon Osbourne Contradicts Sheryl Underwood’s Statements

Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne

Sheryl Underwood, the American comedian, finally spoke out on the exit of Sharon Osbourne, the British television personality. It was in the month of March that the co-host left the American talk show, The Talk.

Did Sharon Osbourne Apologize?

The news with regard to the departure of Sharon Osbourne came in after the incident of a heated argument. It took place between the two hosts of the talk show. The subject of the argument was varied. It included the topic of Piers Morgan and the interview that took place between Oprah Winfrey and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. The discussion, which was quite intense, also gave way to an internal investigation. And the British TV personality finally made her exit.

Sheryl Underwood spoke out about the incident in the podcast, Sheryl Underwood Radio, that was aired on the 3rd of April. The 57-year-old host stated that things went out of her control. It also reported that the two have not been on talking terms with each other after the 26th of March. That is the day Sharon Osbourne left the show. Underwood was asked if there was an apology from the side of the co-host of the “The Talk.”

Underwood claimed the fact that she has not received an apology from the British host. She also went to prove her claims by displaying the screenshot of the conversation that last took place between the two women.

However, the statement given by Sharon Osbourne contradicted that of Underwood. She stated that she did make her apology to the American comedian. The apology was made both in person as well as through text messages. Osbourne claimed that she made her apology in the dressing room. This contradicting statement came in this Tuesday.

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