Ivanka Trump, Disregarding Federal Guidelines, Travels to N.J. for Passover

ivanka trump
ivanka trump

People who issue orders and make laws should follow it themselves too. But Ivanka Trump probably didn’t get the memo as she recently traveled to New Jersey for Passover. The daughter of the POTUS, and one of the most important members in the advisory board, has been quite vocal about the need for social distancing – but has conveniently forgotten it herself. 

The state of Washington had put forth lockdown laws from the first of April following which several families had to cancel out their plans for a vacation or even a family gathering. But not Trump, who along with her husband Jared Kushner and their children, quite excitedly traveled to New Jersey to celebrate Passover. 

While her husband has already gone back to the Oval Office to rally troops against the war with this pandemic, Ivanka Trump has been in Bedminster all this while- taking calls and making business plans over the net. Her reason for this stay at New Jersey is that the club is even more desolate than her mansion in Washington-thereby increasing social distancing. 

“We’ll emerge from this stronger than ever before, and maybe more deeply and profoundly connected with our own humanity and our core values,” she said, adding, “Let’s do everything we can to stop the spread.”

Ivanka Trump has been responsible for working towards building the economy to help combat the crisis left behind by the pandemic. And in this struggle, she has started upgrading the small businesses to be the backbone of the country.