Jonathan Majors Has Been Arrested In New York On Assault Charge

Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors, the actor famous for his roles in movies like the recent Antman, and Creed 3, was arrested in New York on Saturday on charges of assault, harassment, and strangulation- according to the authorities involved.

On Sunday, the actor’s attorney claimed that there was evidence that would highlight that he was completely innocent. The police in the area said that the actor was involved in a domestic spat with a 30-year-old woman. The cops had responded to a distressed 911 call at 11 am on Saturday inside an apartment that was located in Chelsea, Manhattan. A spokesperson for law enforcement stated that the victim had informed the cops that she had been assaulted by the actor. This led to the officers placing the actor under custody without incident. The victim was taken to a hospital, as she had suffered minor injuries to her neck and head.

Jonathan Majors Was Arrested on Charges of Assault

Jonathan Majors’ attorney denied any wrongdoing on the part of the actor. In an email that was written by the attorney to the AP on Saturday, they claimed that the representatives were looking forward to clearing this entire mess, as well as his name, up. On Saturday, Priya Chaudhury, one of the attorneys for Majors, stated that Majors was quite possibly a victim of said altercation with this woman that he knew- and also blamed the woman for having an emotional crisis that led to this incident. 

Jonathan Majors was then arraigned on Sunday for a complaint that involved misdemeanor charges for aggravated harassment and assault. A judge went on to order the release of the actor on his own recognizance on Saturday night with a very limited order of protection.