January 6 Committee Witness Pleads The Fifth

january 6 committee
january 6 committee

Jeffrey Clark’s plans of pleading the fifth to the House’s January 6 Committee could definitely complicate the enthusiasm of the department for prosecution. The former Department of Justice official’s contempt of Congress might not be taken up- even though it points towards more criminal activity by President Trump and everyone around him.

On the eve of an impromptu vote by the committee to censure Clark for not complying with the subpoena after largely refusing to provide acceptable answers to their questions, one of the attorneys for Clark indicated that he would like to plead the Fifth to not incriminate himself. 

January 6 Committee Could Censure Jeffrey Clark

This seems to be quite an interesting development for a man who was an integral clog in the efforts of Donald Trump to get the DOJ to investigate his bogus claims of election fraud last year- which would also include suggesting the department push for a letter to Georgia and a few other states to delay the certification of the results.

But his decision to plead the Fifth would definitely point towards criminal activity- something Liz Cheney, the vice-chair of the January 6 Committee, believes he could be an accomplice to. 

The member of the January 6 Committee also added that if Clark’s decision to plead the Fifth be taken under consideration- especially in the context it is attached to, it would be quite transparent that Jeffrey Clark is simply trying to not incriminate himself or anyone else for criminal activities that could have taken place under Donald Trump. And if this was actually the case, then the public had the right to know. 

The January 6 Committee had already planned to convene a completely special deposition for Clark on Saturday, where they stressed that he should assert the right on a question to question basis or risk the entire House censuring him. 


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