Jeffrey Clark Has Stonewalled The Jan 6 Committee


Jeffrey Clark, the former official in the Department of Justice, has stonewalled the House select committee that has been investigating the Capitol Riots. He stonewalled the committee while sending his responses to a subpoena which demanded that he appeared before the panel for an interview. In the interview, he simply refused to answer the questions that the Jan 6 Committee placed before him- as reported by sources that were familiar with his appearance before the committee. 

Jeffrey Clark Refuses To Answer His Subpoena

Interestingly, what Jeffrey Clark did was provide a letter for Harry MacDougald- his attorney- that claimed that he could not provide any testimony until a court of law would declare that his interactions with the former President Donald Trump were not protected under executive privilege or attorney-client privilege. Although media sources haven’t been able to grasp hold of the letter which was first reported by Politico, the contents of the said letter were confirmed by a source who had knowledge of the letter. 

Bennie Thompson, the Chairman of the Committee, stated on Friday that while he had considered the claim put forward by Jeffrey Clark that he didn’t really have to answer the questions under subpoena, he had rejected them outright. The Democrat from Mississippi stated that Clark has quite a short interval to reconsider his decision and start cooperating. Since he had vital information regarding the Capitol Riots, the Committee was willing to take strong measures that would hold him accountable. 

Incidentally, Jeffrey Clark was also one of the main officials in the Department of Justice who had been pushing for the pursuit of unfounded claims of voter fraud in the weeks that followed the election in November, and as reported by major officials who interacted with him- was in constant touch with the impeached former President.

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