Jeff Bezos Bidding For Washington Commanders: Things To Know About

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos

Although the Washington Commanders haven’t been put on the market yet, it seems likely given the turmoil around owner Daniel Snyder.

Additionally, the brand is apparently being seriously considered for purchase by at least one well-known billionaire.

Jeff Bezos, the creator of e-commerce website, Amazon, is reportedly interested in making an offer for the Washington Commanders if they are available for sale, as reported by The Washington Post as well as other sources. According to the source, rapper and producer Jay-Z might potentially be a part of this proposal.

Even though different websites have also speculated on Jeff Bezos’ interests, he actually holds The Washington Post. Jeff  Bezos already possesses a strong tie to the league. This year, “Thursday Night Football” will solely be aired on Amazon, which is a 1st for the league’s streaming services.

Jeff Bezos Might Buy Washington Commanders:

Now, there are speculations that Jeff Bezos has long desired an NFL team. Nevertheless, he didn’t make a move to buy the Denver Broncos previously this year. Now after stunning $4.65 bn sale, an investor group headlined by Walmart billionaire Rob Walton officially acquired the Broncos. With an estimated wealth of much more than $59 bn, Walton became the league’s wealthiest owner as a result.

If Jeff Bezos were to gain control of the Washington Commanders, he might smash that record. Only Tesla ceo and Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk does have a greater global net worth than his current figure of $171 bn.

This week, Tanya and Dan Snyder said that they had appointed BofA Securities to “explore potential deals” relating to a potential Washington Commanders sale. This might be the first step before the first sale, even though they claimed they were only “trying to explore all options.”