Ted Lieu Angry With The DOJ

Ted Lieu
Ted Lieu

Ted Lieu is a well-known politician in America. Lieu is a representative of the 33rd Congressional district of California. He has been vested with this opportunity since 2015. Lieu has recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the DOJ. The Department of Justice refused to abide by President Joe Biden’s instructions. They refrained from the prosecution of Steven Bannon. 

Bannon was on the political advisory committee of Donald Trump. He refused to follow the subpoenas issued by the select committee of the House. The committee is currently investigating the Capitol Riots of 6th January. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Ted Lieu Unhappy With DOJ

US President Joe Biden stated that the DOJ should hold the advisory committee of Trump responsible. Biden also said that the individuals denying the subpoenas should be dealt with strongly. However, the Department of Justice had other ideas. They denoted the fact that the DOJ is an independent body. It would not be influenced by any sort of political interference. 

Anthony Coley is a spokesperson for the Department of Justice. He stated that the organization functions independently and will function on its own. When any decisions will be taken, they will be taken based on independent scrutiny. This attitude angered Lieu significantly. He wanted the organization to quickly enforce the subpoenas on the allies of Donald Trump. 

In an identical reply to one of the spokespeople for DOJ, Ted Lieu expressed his frustration. He stated that Congress did not require a separate organization to enforce its laws. Lieu brought back the bill of Inherent Contempt Power Act. This bill would enable Congress to issue subpoenas and levy a penalty on anyone refusing to follow the same. The committee of 6th January has issued subpoenas to Kash Patel, Mark Meadows & Dan Scavino. 


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