Jennifer Lopez Hints At Getting Married?

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez seems to be playing tricks with the audience. Her latest costume at a musical performance sparked heavy rumors. Lopez wore bridal attire while performing at the American Music Awards. This attire was at the center of the controversy. No sooner had the singer stepped out, everyone started speculating. Most of the people thought that Jennifer was hinting towards another marriage. This would be her fourth marriage if she eventually decides on it. Lopez looked absolutely stunning in her attire. She tied her hair high up in a bun while flaunting a gown that was cream in color. The tea-length along with a perfectly tailored corset made her look adorable. 

Jennifer Lopez chose to keep quiet about the ongoing controversy. She performed the “On My Way” score which was from the album “Marry Me”. The album features Owen Wilson and is scheduled for a recent release. Lopez also wore a stunning piece of couture veil. All these made the critics very much anxious about what was going on. However, there has not been any official statement from Lopez. Let us learn more about the controversies surrounding us in detail. 

Jennifer Lopez Dresses Marvelously At Music Awards 

Jennifer Lopez sparked a heavy rumor wearing bridal attire. She has had quite a happening year. JLo was supposed to be married to Alex Rodriguez. However, the couple kept postponing their marriage repeatedly. The duo stated the pandemic as the reason for the delay. However, in the most unexpected turn of events, Lopez and Alex split. News of Alex’s affair with Maddison LeCroy seemed to have ignited the breakup. 

Jennifer Lopez went back to her ex-lover, Ben Affleck. Both the stars are now happily together. It remains to be seen whether the two tie the knot this time or not. 

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