Jennifer Lopez On Her Life And new Music

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, one of the most popular American artists from the entertainment industry, finally spoke out on her life after getting back with her old love, Ben Affleck. She attended an interview where she spilled some beans. The name of the host was Zane Lowe. The 51-year-old “On The Floor” hitmaker talked about how happy she was in her life. 

Jennifer Lopez On Dance

Jennifer Lopez claimed that there is no way she could be any happier. She stated that as for now, her life was full of happiness and nothing else. The actor, singer, and songwriter, stated that she wants her fans to know exactly how she was feeling because they have shown that they care about her throughout her life. And also because she loved them too.

She told the host that her life was in such a state where it could not get any more perfect than this. The “Boy Next Door” actress stated she was aware of all the blessings and love that were sent to her by her well-wishers and she was loving it. She went on to call her life at present the “best time” ever.

The primary purpose behind the interview was to talk about the release of the new track of the artist, “Cambia El Paso.” The literal meaning of the words is “change the step” in English. In her new project, Jennifer Lopez stated that the idea behind the song was to encourage people to take the necessary changes in life and not be afraid of it. The song was released on the 5th of June.

The lover of the 48-year-old Ben Affleck also talked about the subject of dance. She stated that dance is something that brings happiness and joy to one’s life. The dance itself is life. Jennifer Lopez said that she was staying in the Dominican Republic after she called it quits with her ex-fiance, Alex Rodriguez. And that was when she met with the realization that she had to make new music.