Clint Hickman On Getting A Call From Trump’s White House

Clint Hickman
Clint Hickman

Clint Hickman, the official belonging to the Republican party, revealed an incident he encountered with Donald Trump, the former President of the country and his administration. The incident took place this Monday. The Arizona county official stated that he did not receive any calls that were made from the White House just after the 2020 Presidential elections.

Clint Hickman Cautioned The Authorities

Republican Clint Hickman also stated the reply that he gave in the call. He claimed that he urged them to speak out in the courtroom instead of having the conversation over the phone. As per the information, the reason why the ex-chairman of the supervisors’ board of the Maricopa County was called, had some relation to the pressure campaign. The said campaign was led by Rudy Giuliani, the then-lawyer of the former President, as well as Kelli Ward, the GOP chair of the state of Arizona.

The people of Donald Trump in the White House wanted to somehow convince Clint Hickman on the matter of the electron irregularity theory. The members belonging to the elected body were targeted to make them announce the said irregularities advocated by the former President. It is these elected members who have the power to supervise the election within the country.                   

Clint Hickman gave out the details relating to the phone call on the platform of one of the popular news channels in the country. He also talked about a few other lawsuits that were yet to be worked on when the White House called him. He also stated that he directly cautioned the campaign of the former Republican President against approaching him in any manner. He claimed that he cleared out to stay away from him until the litigation got over.

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