Jennifer Lopez Expresses Gratitude Towards Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a happy woman these days. She is currently having the time of her life with her new partner. The veteran actress is currently dating Ben Affleck. Affleck and Lopez have a history of dating. 

The couple was together previously as well. During the 2000 era, Affleck and Jennifer had a raunchy romance. They were the hottest couple in Hollywood at that time. The duo was also a favorite for the media. This was because both the actors did not shy away from revealing their love for each other. 

However, the couple had some indifferences and gradually grew apart. Their breakup was the most shocking news in Hollywood. Both Affleck and Jennifer have had a number of different relationships since then. Ben was married to Jennifer Garner. 

Unfortunately, his marriage failed miserably. Both the stars did not get along at all. This resulted in their divorce which also affected Ben. Jennifer Lopez too did not have the sweetest of experiences in her relationship. 

Lopez is thus very much thankful towards Affleck. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Jennifer Lopez Adores Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez has expressed her love towards her boyfriend recently. Lopez stated that she felt very much lucky to have reconciled with Ben. 

The actress is thankful that both of them got together for the second time. She also stated how previous experiences have made them mature. 

Jennifer Lopez said that she can now handle their public life more tactfully than before. Jennifer also elaborated that she wanted to protect the relationship from the media. 

This was because she does not want the beautiful gift to get away from her this time.