Abby Finkenauer Has Announced Her Candidacy For The Senate

abby finkenauer
abby finkenauer

Abby Finkenauer, the former representative of Iowa, went on air on Thursday to announce her candidature for the Senate. This will make her the Democrat with the highest-profile who will be vying for a position over seven-term incumbent Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley. In her statement, Finkenauer stated that she believed that Democracy was worth fighting for precisely why she was running for Senate.

She further stated that Iowans didn’t really get jobs- which they were absolutely eligible for jobs that weren’t just nominal paychecks but a way to live life and build a future. If elected, she would make sure it was done. 

Abby Finkenauer Will Need To Overcome Her Obstacles

The native from the state of Iowa, Abby Finkenauer, started her career in politics as a member of the House of Representatives of Iowa from 2015 to 2019. She climbed the ranks in the Democratic Party after she successfully won her office in the US House by defeating Republican Representative Rod Blum back in 2018.

Her race did help other Democratic representatives of the House of Representatives in 2018. This definitely was a part of the wave election as it put up a sharp rebuke of the first couple of years of the Trump presidency. 

It is quite assured that Abby Finkenauer would be facing quite a major struggle in a state that has been backing Donald Trump for quite some time now. If she is able to round up those odds and overcome them, President Joe Biden will be gaining another supporter in the upper chamber. Interestingly, Finkenauer did work for Biden’s 2008 presidential campaign from the state of Iowa. 

Not only is Abby Finkenauer the only Democrat vying for the state Senate, but she is also the most famous name in the race. One of her competitors would be Dave Muhlbauer, an erstwhile county supervisor for Crawford County- who announced his candidacy in May. Now, it is up for debate as to who the Democratic nominee would be facing in the next round of the general election.