Jesse Watters Should Be Fired On The Spot: Dr. Fauci Responds

jesse watters
jesse watters

Anthony Fauci has said that Jesse Watters, the host of Fox News, should be sacked on the spot for urging a conservative crowd to ambush him with what he said was a ‘kill shot.’ Dr. Fauci said that it reflected the craziness that goes on in society.

Fox News predictably defended Jesse Watters. Their spokesperson stated that after watching the entire footage and transcript they have found it clear that Watters’s words were just a metaphor. They said he was asking tough questions the Chief Medical Adviser to the President of America and one of the world’s top infections diseases experts regarding gain-of-function research. They believed that the words had been distorted.

Watters made the remarks on Monday at Turning Points, a right-wing conference. He gave those present a playbook to record viral moments that would be aired by Fox News and amplified by right-wing groups.

He advised them to go for an ambush and the kill shot. Jesse Watters elaborated that the attack should be ‘deadly’ so that he doesn’t anticipate it.

Dr. Fauci expressed his shock at what he said were awful comments. He also expressed the fear that Jesse Watters would stay unaccountable at Fox News.

Jesse Watters Statement Not Isolated, Fox News Had Earlier Compared Him To An Infamous Nazi Doctor

Dr. Fauci said that all he had done these past two years was motivate people to go in for good health practices such as being protected in public places and getting vaccinated. And in response, he is being attacked by people with exhortations to ambush and kill. He was appalled at such instances of craziness.

Jesse Watters’ comments were preceded by another personality on Fox News, Lara Logan, who compared Dr. Fauci to Joseph Mengele, a Nazi doctor who was infamous for his experiments on humans in Auschwitz, the Nazi death camps.

Dr. Fauci has then questioned Fox News for its silence at the attack. He expressed his astonishment that she got away without even disciplinary action.