Republican Rep. Jim Jordan Exposed For Sending Messages To Meadows To Scuttle Election Results

jim jordan
jim jordan

Republican Jim Jordan has been revealed as one of the senders of text messages to Mark Meadows. In it, he had outlined a theory that former Vice President Pence had the authority to stand in the way of the certification of the 2020 mandate.

The text sent by Jim Jordan was among the several messages sent to Mark Meadows. It was shared publicly by the House Committee this week even as it followed the criminal contempt recommendation against the ex-Chief of Staff.

This legally unconvincing argument sent to the former Vice President was dumped by him despite Trump pressing him.

Jim Jordan had forwarded the message that the VP should reject several Electoral College ballots on January 6 even as Joe Biden’s victory over Trump was confirmed.

It has been confirmed that the text was forwarded by Jim Jordan. It was among several messages the House Committee shared openly. The Committee is pursuing a criminal contempt case against Meadows.

The incriminating text was written by former Pentagon IG Joseph Schmitz and was forwarded to Mark Meadows by Jim Jordan. The former IG could not be contacted for comments.

Former Vice President Pence Refused To Give In To Jim Jordan’s Call

The message urged Pence to declare all votes he believes to be unconstitutional and declare them invalid. It said that such a move would have judicial precedence. He said it was guided by one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton.

 The message gives an insight into how Donald Trump and his cohorts were sharing ways to influence the result of the democratically conducted elections.

Jordan was a staunch supporter of Trump and was among the lawmakers who polled to change the 2020 Presidential election results.

The House committee is looking into the January 6 invasion as thousands of supporters of the former President stormed the Capitol that led to 5 deaths. The Republicans have termed it a normal tourist visit.