Jeymi Said Yes To Forever


Tying the knot after meeting each other in 9 days seems unrealistic. However, Jeymi and Kris’s foster proved the unreal, real. They exchanged vows and said yes to each other forever. Their witnesses were present via zoom. Zoom wedding was a thing during the pandemic. The desperate situation perhaps called it. They did not care about society or anyone who had a different opinion. They had an intimate wedding surrounded by colors only.

Jeymi Had A Spanish Wedding

This wedding is special. The whole wedding was in Spanish, but Kris did not utter a word against it. Jeymi wore a floor-length white gown of her mother. Nobody intervenes in their relationship. Everyone was very supportive including their family and friends. Kris foster wore a gown with a colored flower tiara.

She said in her vows that things are not going to be easy at all. They will have to give their full effort every day. After that, she shared love with Kris in Spanish with tears. Kris later said it doesn’t matter what she said all shared care about is Kris.

None of them experienced true love before, until Kris’s mate Jey. She gave details in her vow. Kris is overjoyed that she makes her happy. She accepts who she is. They made promises to each other to never take each other for granted.

The wedding was a big step for Jeymi. She hasn’t told her family yet that she is a lesbian. Both of them agreed to keep their sexuality hidden for now. Jeymi feels when the time is right she will tell her family.

Kris told the 90 days crew before the wedding how she had been eagerly waiting for this day to come. Jeymi feels her mother might have figured it out by now, she uses Facebook. Jeymi has a lot of photos with kris.